Learn how to get a FAA Remote Pilot Certificate.
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Part 107 Certification Process

How To Prepare For Your FAA Part 107 Certification

1. Study To Pass the Exam
Expect to complete the Aerodrome Part 107 course in around 20 hours in order to pass the exam. However,there is an additional 10 hours of material in the course to help you understand all aspects of drone operation and make you a better pilot.

Aerodrome will issue a Certificate of Completion when you finish the course

2. Take the Exam
Sign-up to take the test at an FAA approved testing site.
  • Find an FAA approved testing site.
  • The test is $150
  • There are 60 questions and you will be allowed 120 minutes to complete the testing
3. Apply for a remote pilot certificate
  • Apply to the FAA through the IACRA system
  • The application phase will take about 10 days
  • It entails a TSA background check
  • Once this is completed You will be notified to return to the IACRA site to print your temporary certificate.
  • The original certificate will be mailed by the FAA and that takes up to 120 days.
Enroll Now - $99

Learn more about FAA small UAS rule (14 CFR part 107)