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Online Classes - Flight Unmanned Aircraft

Part 107 Test Preparation (Online) At the completion of this course, the student will be able to demonstrate a high degree of understanding of the aeronautical knowledge required to safely operate a small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) in the national airspace, and to take the FAA Unmanned Aircraft General (UAG) knowledge test for the Remote Pilot Certificate with a small UAS rating.

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Part 107 Exam Course Preview


Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight - "UAS Flight Lab" This course will assist the newly certificated Remote Pilot with a small UAS rating to operate Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) following the current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) policies and guidance that applies to UAS operating within the National Airspace System (NAS). Taking flight at the Eldorado Droneport will build your flight confidence in our netted cubical environment before you take off into the open airspace of the droneport. At the completion of this course you will be prepared to manage your UAS for your commercial operations.


Flight Unmanned Aircraft

Part 107 Operator and Remote Pilot Course This course is designed for the student who is transitioning his toy to his work tool. The course requires completion of the Part 107 Test Preparation Online course before attending. The Operator and Remote Pilot Course will expand the student's knowledge, complete a targeted review of materials prior to the student taking the Unmanned Aircraft General (UAG) knowledge test. Included in this course is 6 hours of flight time to bring classroom learning together with hands on flight skills.


Flight Manned Aircraft

Sport Pilot Airplane Ground School This course is designed to prepare the student to take the FAA Sport Pilot Airman Knowledge Test. The Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) will present FAA rules and regulations and core flight fundamentals, including understanding the impact of weather on planning a flight, aircraft weight and balance, aeronautical charts and preflight planning.

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Sport Pilot Aircraft Flight Training This course is designed to continue preparing the student for FAA Certification as a Sport Pilot. The student will apply core flight fundamentals learned in the Sport Pilot Airplane Ground School course to flight training. The Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) will provide one-on-one flight training, guiding the student through the pre-flight routine before their first flight together. The student and CFI will conduct multiple dual flights until the student demonstrated proficiency and the instructor feels the\student is ready for solo flight. The student is required to demonstrate flight proficiency that includes a solo cross-country flight of at least 75 miles to pass this course. This course includes a review that prepares the student for the FAA Oral and Practical Exam for a Sport Pilot Certificate.


Manned and Unmanned Aircraft

Light Sport Aircraft Repair These courses present all materials needed to qualify for the FAA Light Sport Aircraft - Repairman Certificate with the Maintenance – Airplane Rating. Coursework covers regulations associated with the repair and operation of light-sport aircraft, the operation and maintenance of two-cycle and four-cycle engines, aircraft structure and fabric coverings. Students also receive instruction in instrumentation and electrical systems, landing gear, and other systems commonly found in this category of aircraft. Theory and practical skills are taught in a combination of classroom and lab/shop settings. Approximately one-third of the course is hands-on, taking place in the maintenance shop. Course material is presented in instructional modules with a test at the end of each module. The final exam serves as the FAA Certification test. Successfully passing this course results in a Certificate of Completion for the student that can be taken to the Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) to obtain a Repairman Certificate with a Light Sport Aircraft – Airplane rating.


Introduction to UAS Maintenance - "UAS Maintenance Lab" This course provides the student with hands-on experience for a specific manufacturer, including accessories used to track the aircrafts flight, computer programming and flight data management. Specific course topics include the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) training for various aircraft. The final exam serves as the Certification test, and successfully passing this course will result in a Certificate of Completion.



Practical Applications of Unmanned Aircraft Systems This course is designed for researchers and experienced UAS pilots and provides in-depth exposure to the theory, tactics and technology of UAS. Coursework includes practical experience exercises through vignette-based virtual simulations of commercial missions. Additional topics include air-ground unit coordination, crew resource management, mission planning considerations, and crew selection and training. Coursework could cover infrastructure surveillance techniques, aerial cargo delivery techniques, commercial videography and film, or aviation support to agricultural/wildlife management. Specific topics may change per semester.